Our community has had two standards throughout the times:

1. Common sense

2. Do not be a dick

Here are the rules that applies to our game servers. If you encounter a situation where you are thinking if something is right or wrong and it is not explicitly mentioned in the rules - stop and think of the 1. and 2.

Report troublemakers to our admins @ discord.gg/FLL

General rules & guidelines

  • 1. All kinds of insults towards individuals or groups are forbidden. This includes for example racism, sexual slurs and slander
  • 2. Cheats and exploits are forbidden.
  • 3. We do not noob bash ergo talking down on a player who is new or a beginner
  • 4. Do not whine for nothing. This includes for example whining about maps, game, other players, life... leave the negativity out of the game and focus
  • 5. We do not accept purposeful teamkilling of any kind. This includes for example revenge teamkilling or preventing a player from doing something
  • 6. Apologize for teamkills, forgive accidents
  • 7. Do not accusate hackers in public. Contact game admins and tell them about your suspicions. Constant whining and false accusations will be removed from the server
  • 8. Our server languages are English & Finnish. Command channel language is English however. Internal communication within squads can be anything if the whole squad has agreed to it
  • 9. Leave off-topic banter (chat or voice) off the game. Our Discord is a wonderful place for this. When in-game, use the comms meant for in-game communiucation
  • 10. Do not spam (chat or voice)
  • 11. Ghosting is forbidden. Ghosting is defined as helping your own team with a help of a friend on the opposing team or by swapping sides to reveal critical enemy locations in favor of your "original" team
  • 12. Please adjust your microphone accordingly before/beginning of the game. We may mute or even kick if your mic or voice is too disturbing
  • 13. Advertising and recruiting of any form in our servers is forbidden without permission. Written permission is granted by yours truly only
  • 14. If you are banned from one of our servers, then ban will cover all of our game servers now and in the future
  • 15. We do not give verbal warnings. We trust people to have common sense and follow the norms of the modern society. Kick = warning. Depending of the severity of the violation , we reserve to ban a player instantly. Actions that causes instaban are for example hacking, racism, deliberate spawn teamkilling and mass teamkilling
  • 16. Nickname can not be only numbers or special characters

Hell Let Loose

  • 1. Leadership roles require the use of a microphone (Commander, Officer, Spotter, Tank Commander)
  • 2. Recon and tank units are not allowed to be locked for solo gameplay. You may lock it but if someone requests to join and you are not waiting for a friend, you must let them enter
  • 3. Do not abuse vote kick function
  • 4. Every squad must have a squadleader. Squad without leader can be dismantled by the admins
  • The following rules apply when the server seeding is in progress and there are under 70 players on the server:
  • 5. Keep the fighting around the middle sector. This also applies to tank and recon squads
  • 6. Do not deliberately destroy garrisons or outposts outside of the middle sector